SHI Book Prize & Routledge Handbook

Together with Anna Harris (Maastricht) and Susan Kelly (Exeter), we have won the 2017 Sociology of Health and Illness book prize for our book CyberGenetics: Health Genetics and New Media (Routledge 2016). The award is given each year by the Medical Sociology group of the British Sociological Association for the book that makes ‘the most […]

Addiction as metaphor for internet use

Back in April, I attended a wonderful workshop organised by Astrid Mager and Christian Katzenbach called, ‘“We are on a mission”. Exploring the role of future imaginaries in the making and governing of digital technology’. The title of my lecture was inspired by my yoga teacher, who once instructed us to ‘imagine you are an […]

Columns in Observant, Maastricht University newspaper

Interview in Trouw newspaper

On September 1, 2018, an article appeared in the Dutch newspaper Trouw. The article is written by Willem Schoonen, based on an interview he did with me in August, and on the lecture I gave at Maastricht University earlier this year called (in English) ‘Where is the knowledge we have lost in data?’ The article […]

Australia, 25 August-6 September

I’m heading off to Australia on 25 August, mainly to attend the 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) conference in Sydney. As always, the programme is packed full with fascinating sessions in which people present their research, discuss prize-winning books, and honour those who have contributed to the field of science and technology studies […]

VSNU Digital Society Programme

The VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) has brought together leading researchers from all fourteen universities to work together to address the many pressing questions raised by the emergence of a digital society. Dutch universities benefit from an excellent digital infrastructure supporting education and research. The Netherlands has a long-standing culture of openness and […]

Copenhagen, 14-15 May

On 14 May, I’m heading off to Copenhagen to meet Professor Klaus Høyer and his colleagues working on the project, ‘Policy, practice and patient experience in the age of intensified data sourcing’. POLICYAID is funded by the European Research Council, started in June 2016. On Monday I will meet with the research group, and on […]

Sally Wyatt - Teaching and PhD Supervision

Politics of Open Data

It’s taken a while (we first presented the paper at a conference in 2014), but it has now been published in a book called The Politics of Big Data. Big Data, Big Brother?, edited by Ann Rudinow Sætnan, Ingrid Schneider and Nicola Green (Routledge, 2018). Our chapter is called: Understanding the ‘open’ in making research […]

Spring in Vienna & Berlin

In March and April, I’ll be attending wonderful events in Vienna and Berlin. On 15-16 March, the University of Vienna is celebrating 30 years of ‘Science & Technology Studies’. That’s an impressive achievement, given the ways in which universities tend to re-organise. I’ll be joining colleagues there, first, on 15 March to talk about ‘how STS […]

Discussion about ‘Move fast and break things’ by Jonathan Taplin

On Friday February 2 (starting at 20:00), I’ll be taking part in a discussion with Jonathan Taplin, author of Move Fast and Break Things, How Facebook, Google, and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy, an account of how the internet has been captured by the big tech companies. He argues that they have become engines […]