Teaching and PhD Supervision

Sally Wyatt is Professor of Digital Cultures at Maastricht University.

Sally has many years of teaching experience. She is currently running an Honours+ seminar about gender in the high tech industry, as well as supervising master’s and PhD dissertations on a variety of topics related to STS and/or the digital.

More than 30 years experience in teaching and research

PhD supervision and examination

Lotte Wilms, Maastricht University/National Library of the Netherlands, provisional title: European Research Libraries in Digital Humanities – Roles and Responsibilities 

Kathleen Gregory, Maastricht University/DANS, provisional title: Searching for Scientific Research Data (expected completion 2021) (funded by NWO Creative Industries Programme) (co-promoter: Andrea Scharnhorst).

Rachel Allison, Maastricht University, provisional title: Crafting Bodies: An ethnographic exploration of the entanglement of technology and the senses in 21st century medical education (expected completion: 2020) (funded by ERC Starting Grant ‘Digital Doctors’, awarded to co-promoter: Anna Harris)

Claudia Egher, Maastricht University, provisional title: Mental Health Expertise Online: The enactment of expertise on major depression and bipolar disorder on online platforms in English and French (expected completion: 2019) (recipient of NWO award for ‘PhDs in the humanities’, 2014) (co-promoter: Tamar Sharon)

Maarten van Wesel, Maastricht University, provisional title: Word processing and readability of academic texts (expected completion: 2020) (co-promoter: Jeroen den Haaf (deceased 2015); Alexandra Supper since 2017)

Rafael Bienia, Maastricht University, Role Playing Materials (awarded April 2016) (co-promoter: Karin Wenz) (funded by NWO)

Jess Bier, Maastricht University: Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine: How Segregated Landscapes Shape Scientific Knowledge (awarded April 2014) (co-promoter: Bas van Heur) (winner of Maastricht University Best Dissertation Prize, 2016 – for dissertations completed in 2014 & 2015)

Matthijs Kouw, Maastricht University, Pragmatic constructions. Simulation and the vulnerability of technological culture (awarded December 2012) (co-promoter: Wiebe Bijker)

Niels van Doorn, ASCoR, UvA, Digital Spaces, Material Traces. Investigating the performance of gender, sexuality, and embodiment on internet platforms that feature user-generated content (awarded February 2010) (promoter: Liesbet van Zoonen) (awarded NWO Rubicon Award in 2010, and ERC starter grant in 2017)

Vanessa Dirksen, FEE, UvA, Social imaginaries of technology and work. A Connective ethnography (awarded September 2007) (promoter: Rik Maes)

Tamara Witschge, ASCoR, UvA, In/difference online: The issue of immigration on the Internet (awarded May 2007) (promoter: Kees Brants) (awarded NWO Vidi grant in 2015)

Caroline Nevejan, ASCoR, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Presence and the design of trust (awarded April 2007) (promoter: Cees Hamelink)

Helen Kennedy, School of Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London, Digits and subjects: Autobiographies of multimedia and identity (awarded 2003) (co-supervisor: Nod Miller)

Member of examining committees of PhD dissertations at: University of Manchester; University of Sussex; Lancaster University; Universiteit van Amsterdam; Maastricht University; Universiteit Twente; Leiden University; Utrecht University; Erasmus University Rotterdam; Eindhoven Universityof Technology; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim; ITU Copenhagen; Universiteit Leuven; Universiteit Gent; University of Buffalo, US; Curtin University of Technology, Australia.

(Total of 51 – full list available upon request.)

Maastricht University

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, unless otherwise specified

Honours+ seminar about gender diversity (lack of) in computer science, 2017-18

BKO awarded in 2016 (Basic Teaching Qualification)

Honours seminar about the regulation of medicine and healthcare in the digital age, 2014 & 2015

CAST (Cultures of Art, Science and Technology) MA, ‘Changes in the science system’ (with Wiebe Bijker, 2010, 2011)

CAST MA, joint research project ´User-Generated Content´ (with Karin Wenz in 2008 and with Bas van Heur in 2009)

Supervision of CAST and ESST (Europe and Society, Science & Technology) masters’ dissertations (2007-cont.)

Supervision of University College Maaastricht and other BA projects (2012-cont.

Netherlands Graduate Research School for Science, Technology and Modern Culture

WTMC – 2005-2010

Eleven three-day residential workshops on a variety of themes, including ‘user-producer relationships’, ‘citation cultures’, ‘normativity as object and as practice’, ‘research communities’

Five week-long summer schools with guest anchor teachers (Thomas Misa 2005; Susan Leigh Star 2006; Steven Yearley 2007; Andrew Feenberg 2008; David Nye 2009)

Two writing workshops per year for advanced PhD students

University of Amsterdam

Communicatiewetenschap 2000 – 2006

Co-ordination of PhD Internet club – fortnightly seminar to discuss work-in-progress

Supervision of ‘scripties’ (equivalent to MA dissertations)

MA seminar, ‘Informing ourselves to death’ (jointly with International School for Humanities & Social Sciences)

Year 2, ‘Internet, Communication and Technology’ (coordinator, lectures and seminar leader)

Year 2, International Communication (seminar leader)

Year 2, Wetenschapsfilosofie (Philosophy of Science) (seminar leader)

Year 2, Leeronderzoek, ‘Access to the Internet’ (research seminar – self-defined student projects)

Occasional lectures and dissertation supervision for MA in European Communication, International School for Humanities and Social Sciences (ISHSS)

Sociale Wetenschappelijke Informatica (1999-2000)

Year 3-4 ‘Informatietechnologie, Economie en Werk’ (seminar)

Year 3-4 ‘Computer-Mediated Communication’ (seminar)

Year 2 ‘Innovatie, Organisatie en Informatiesystemen’ (seminar & lectures

University of East London


MA Society, Science and Technology in Europe – Course Tutor (1994-99)

‘Europe in an Information Society: Theory & Policy’

‘Contemporary problems of society, science and technology in Europe’

‘Entering the world of the laboratory’

supervision of dissertations

liaison with 12 partner universities in other European countries

International Coordinator (September 1996 – December 1999)

President (September 2008-11)

BSc (Hons) New Technology (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Year 3 ‘State of the Art in Information Technology’

Year 3 ‘Technology, Information & Consumption’

Year 1 ‘Innovation, Technology and Culture: Historical & Theoretical Perspectives’

Year 1 ‘IT and the Economy’

supervision of final year projects

First Year Tutor (responsible for all aspects of first year of degree, 1990-93

Brighton Polytechnic


Supervision of DMS (Diploma in Management Studies), MBA and MPhil dissertations

‘Research Methods’ to first year undergraduates and to postgraduates

‘Macroeconomics’ to first year undergraduates

Workers’ Education Association (WEA)

‘Women and Technology’ ten week adult education course, in 1983 and 1984 (taught collectively with other women)

University of Sussex


‘Introduction to Economics’ to second year science undergraduates

‘Economic Analysis of Social Problems’ to second year sociology undergraduates

‘Elementary Statistics’ to first year economics undergraduates